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Jute Bag

  • Jute bag


  • Bedroom towels- Bathroom towels etc. Made in Bangladesh. Colors- design and quality can be customised.

Motor - Winch motor etc

  • We have a great quality and strong source of Danish- Swedish- Irish- Italian motors. Heavy duty motors- electric motors- gear motors- marine motors- offshore motors- winch motors etc. Contact us for more ifo.

Comfortable tactical vest

  • The Military Comfortable Tactical Armor Model 77 vest provides front, back, side, neck, shoulder and groin protection. One-piece design and side overlapping ensure full torso coverage. Possibility to increase the protection through add-on hard armor inserts. Military units and special troop’s application. Standard Features

Ballistic Briefcase

  • The extremely lightweight 4-panel ballistic suitcase MARS Armor for personnel protection provides mobile and discreet front protection from dangerous bullets. Possibility for fast unfolding. V.I.P. and Personal Security application.